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For 62 years families have been enjoying the cabins and campsites built and run by three generations of the Kent family.


It all began in 1936 when Alex and May Kent discovered the property, now known as Kent's Beach Cabins and Campsites.  The father of one of Alex's friends then owned the land and the two would come to visit him and camp on the beach.  They fell in love with the oceanfront paradise and when it was offered up for sale years later, Alex bought the 160 acre property in January of 1949 when there was no road to get to it and it was only accessible by boat.  Friends thought he was crazy at the time but he had a vision for the property.  Construction began on the first two cabins 8 years later after a road from town came through.  Construction on the log cabin began in 1958 and it wasn't until 1964 when cabins 3 and 4 were completed making a total of 5 cabins.  Families came year after year to enjoy the fruition of Alex's labour of love.


After the untimely death of Alex in 1970, May could no longer run the place on her own and the cabins sat mainly vacant for 10 years until she passed away in 1980.  Their only son, Clive Kent, then took hold of the reigns and brought the resort back to life adding a campground, large duplex cabin and another studio cabin over the next 39 years.


In 2019, Clive retired and happily handed over control of the resort to his only son, Dee, and wife Donna who continue to manage the resort to this day.


The Kent's have been proud to share their seaside resort with families for many years and hope to be a part of your memory making for years to come!"

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